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          Subcategory:  Headliners  Seats  Door Panels  Convertible Tops  Trunks  Carpets  
        Full Interiors, Convertible tops, Vinyl tops, Door panels, Carpet, Trunk liner and Headliners.

        All of our interiors start will full restoration of the seat frames and new door panels are fitted individually. Damaged springs and clips are replaced. All foams and paddings are also replaced.

        Finally, new custom covers are made or OEM kits are installed, resulting in the personalized look and feel or each creation.
        Original 55 Belair Seat During the process we strip the car seat and redesigned for a floor shifter. New Finished Seat

        To view complete interiors, please click on the corresponding picture.
        Harold & Ann's 56 Belair Stew's 51 Monarc Dave's GT Cobra
        56 Chevy Belair Goodwood 2004
        Brian's Porsche GT3 Marchello's 80 Camaro Bob's 55 chevy
        Foose RimsAutofest 2005 Winner People's Choice
        Joe & Donna 's 56 belair Scott's 55 Nomad 58 Impala
        Restored to Original 56Autofest 2005
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