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        About AntiqueInteriorDesigns.com

        Antiqueinteriordesigns.com is a website used to display previous work done by Bruce Robello.


        To arrange a consultation please call: 905-786-2988 or email: paul@antiqueinteriordesigns.com

        • Individually fitted and crafted Motorcycle Seats
        • Handcrafted and Designed Hot Rod Interiors
        • Classic Interiors
        • Convertible Tops
        • Boats

        Bruce's seats can be found worldwide and most of them have been mounted on bikes that have been featured in popular magazines. Plus, his interiors have won numerous car-show/bike-show awards for his customers.

        If you have any questions, comments or need a quote:
        Send an email to info@antiqueinteriordesigns.com
        Or call 905-786-2988.